International Activities

International projects happened in Bitola


With this project we want to learn about food culture and local farming. We will also plan and implement an event to local families, in this event we will cook and share food for everyone. We will learn different things about other countries culture and practices. Principally every day we learn different cooking skills, new recipes and also social skills. We don’t know much about each other countries but we are excited to learn about the every day life in Macedonia as well as about the habits and the culture. We also want learn how food comes to plate for example from the farms. We also want the Macedonians learn about Finnish culture as well as about our habits.

This project is address the need for intercultural dialogue between youth in Europe and
promoting the different cultural identities that we have and why it shouldn’t lead to exclusion from society. Here in our project we are focusing on differences based on national, cultural and religious differences and celebrate this diversity that coexists in Europe.
AIM: Our project is exploring cultural diversity through folk music, songs, traditional clothes
and foods and uses art as a method of cultural and self expression.


The aim of the youth exchange is to promote volunteering and activism, and the use of photography as a tool for activism. Photography exhibition to present the final results from the youth exchange DIY PHOTOGRAPHY. During the exchange the participants learn the basics skills of photography, how an analog camera works, and they created their very own pinhole cameras!

The photographs which will take part in the final exhibition are made with the pinhole cambers and the digital cambers on topics that the participants previously set and discussed as being the main problem in our societies that they want to address through their photographs.