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We are delighted to debut our first ever SFERA Blog – “AtmoSFERA”. This blog will focus on the journey of our volunteers and local youth who are engaged on social impact activities around the country. We hope you enjoy our read and if you are interested in being a guest blog, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to highlight your articles or anything that may be of your interests.

European Solidarity Corps GREEN FINGERS project in Zagreb, Croatia 04.04.2022 – 01.06.2022

The “Green Fingers” project from Udruga O.A.ZA is implemented as part of the European Solidarity Corps and takes place from 04.04.2022 – 01.06.2022 in Zagreb, Croatia. […]

Nemanja’s Blog

It took me some time to start this article since a lot of things are going on at the moment: work, social activities, deadlines, recharging myself […]

Mare’s Blog

For the past three months, I have been in Bitola. I cannot tell you how much my perspective of the world and myself have changed in […]

Büşra Blog 2

Hello from the second month in Bitola! I really got used this city! I am feeling like in the home. It makes me happy to know […]

Mony’s blog – Time to say goodbye

ZDRAVO! It´s been almost 2 months since my EVS project started but for me it seems like 1 week, time is so fast. In September I […]


Hello again – Здраво повторно , I am writing with the happiness of completing our project at the end of the second month and the sadness […]

Vera Blog: My experience in North Macedonia

ZDRAVO! HELLO! MERHABA! am Vera from Istanbul, Turkey and if you are reading this blog, I see that you are interested in coming to Northern Macedonia […]

Ilgaz Blog

Hello!…or здраво! My name is Ilgaz, newly EVS participant , coming from Turkey. For one month, luckily I volunteered in this beautiful city of Macedonia called […]

Bursa blog

When I got the acceptation from EVS in Bitola, I was both scared and excited what about I would face in Bitola. When I arrived here, […]

Mony´s blog

Everything had happened so fast, one week after finding this project I landed in North Macedonia to begin my first EVS experience. As I am already […]

Szymon’s blog II

It’s been way over 2 months since my last blog note. A lot has changed. At the beginning of this year I wouldn’t expect how exceptional […]

Szymon’s blog

EVS is something that everybody should experience. It’s a great opportunity to improve yourself, discover your new skills, enrich your knowledge, learn to deal with new […]

Find Yourself

This EVS is my first one. Everything started so fast for me. I took part in domestic volunteering projects in the past but never international ones. […]

Trust your decision, Trust yourself

Taking this decision to be a volunteer was one of the most encouraging things I did in my life. Being a part of SFERA International Organization […]

Samet Kurtuldu

Здраво (hello), You’re reading a story that’s amazing for me. My path with SFERA intersected twice. I applied for a similar project last year. They wanted […]

Paragraph from Surucan

Being a volunteer in a social responsibility project added a lot of experience to my life. This was especially important for my personal development when meeting […]

Muaz Taskin’s blog

I am on the last day of my 2-month voluntariness. I have difficulty describing my feelings because I have had very good experiences in Bitola and […]

Cagri Tuncer

It was a quick decision to come here to Bitola. I just packed all of my stuff and next thing you know, I was on the […]

For the good times

“Don’t look so sad, I know it’s over But life goes on and this ol’ world will keep on turning Let’s just be glad we had […]

My EVS made me nostalgic about Bitola

Probably, you read this blog for another reason then the reason that I want to write this blog. I assume you are thinking about doing an […]

EVS blog – Tereza

Time is running out and my EVS experience is about to end.  So many things happened, so many memories gained. Uh, where to start… One of […]

Fatma Duran

İn five days, I decided to start my two-month Macedonian adventure thanks to EVS. With the help of Evs Bursa coordinator Mrs.Başak, I accepted to Macedonia […]

1st month in Sfera

Before I came, I remembered only some Turkish songs about Manastır (Bitola) from my childhood that my grandmother was listening to on the TV. It was […]

The first two weeks in SFERA MACEDONIA…

I arrived in Bitola in the middle of the night. I woke up to a peaceful morning and I realized I was somewhere different. I admired […]

What is EVS? by Denys Verteletskyi

Just try to think, what is EVS? You will never give the correct answer. EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer program funded by the […]

Iren Rakaselg

Going to take on a volunteering experience in Macedonia – a sentence neither my friends or I really understood in the beginning. If I’m being honest, […]

Cemal Erdem

Arrival to Bitola: I got my bus from Bolu at 11:50 on 20 January. I came to Istanbul and my plane get up Turkey clock 20:30. […]

Hanne Oldenhof

At first, when you start your EVS, time seems to be a quantity that is rather infinite. Six months of volunteering feels like a long period […]

Nataliia Yatsyshyn

How often it happens that the opportunities that fate gives us are simply ignored or we are afraid to say “yes.” You just need to take […]

From short term to long term by Tereza Swobodowa

My EVS journey dates back in October 2018 when I started my short term in SFERA. I stayed two months – from the beginning it seemed […]

Inna Dmitrenko

Why does modern youth choose the path of volunteering or how to change the high-paying job and become an EVS volunteer? “The best decisions are taken […]

My experience as an EVS volunteer

I found this project on youth portal of Erasmus+ and I applied. I didn’t expected to be accepted and I was really excited to be a […]

Мy EVS experience

Здраво, како сте вие? Today, I’d like to share with you my experience participating in EVS project called ‘Upgrade your neighborhood – Brand your city’, a […]

Upgrade your neighborhood – Brand your city by Elpida Sdrali

My first ESC volunteer experience for the NGO Sfera Macedonia and the project “Upgrade your neighborhood – Brand your city” was a very nice and valuable […]

Croatia EVS Experience

I arrived in Bitola on the first of October. The first evening we went for dinner in Aurum as a welcome party for the EVS volunteers […]

Се Гледме, Македонија

Two months came and went. I knew it would pass by fast, as travel always does, but I didn’t expect it to be quite at this […]

Valeriia from Ukraine

I am new-opener of Macedonian culture, Ukrainian short-term volunteer in Sfera organization. I wonder to share with you my first impression of this wonderful country. Macedonia […]

Macedonia through EVS – Umut Blog

It has been one and half months since I came to Macedonia so far. For me, coming to Macedonia was a fast and firm decision without […]

Arzu from Turkey

It was a quick process for me to come to Macedonia. For the first time I was going abroad. I was so excited.Today, May 3rd. I […]

Konuralp from Turkey

2 months ago, I made a fast decision and applied for EVS and it turned out to be my best decision this year. I arrived here […]

Uliana from Ukraine

Strange as it may sound, my first acquaintance with the Macedonia started in Istanbul =) My flight to Skopje got cancelled and I ended up hanging […]

Final EVS Blog in Macedonia

I had only 2 months when I completed my previous blog. Now I can freely say that Mission Completed. 6 month journey has been done. During […]

Furkan KALIT EVS Second Month in Macedonia ( February 2018 )

I’m  continuously meeting new people. There are a lot of Turkish people and it makes me feel better. They are asking where they can do shopping. […]

EVS Macedonia

My name is Pedro, I’m a Portuguese volunteer of SFERA Macedonia and I’m from Madeira island. Consequently, my EVS in Macedonia started with a long trip. […]

My evs in Macedonia

Came to Macedonia was a really fast decision. To be honest I didn´t thought a lot about it before say “yes, I am going” and even […]

How I ended up in Macedonia

So, how did you end up in Macedonia? This is a question I’ve been hearing often. Honestly, it’s a question I’ve also asked myself with a […]

See you later, EVS & SFERA Macedonia! <3

One or two weeks ago, my mind couldn’t process the thought that my project will end soon. So, I continued my life in Bitola, as usual […]

EVS Insight From Transylvania

My name is Claudia and I come from Cluj-Napoca, which is the biggest city in Transylvania. Some things about myself: I am curious about other cultures, […]

Experiencing The Life in Bitola via EVS

Здраво. Јас сум Ајнур од Турција. Јас сум тука речиси четири месеци.  Учам на македонски јазик. Можам да зборувам малку македонски. по четири месеци, се чувствувам […]

EVS Journey

Hello, I’m Furkan from Turkey. This EVS project is my first experience abroad! I hope it will be an amazing experience ? Let’s begin… When I […]

Happy January EVS!

Hello again everyone and (belated) Happy Old (and) New Year! I am back on the SFERA blog with after some break. I hope that everyone had […]

My journey to Macedonia: week 2

Здраво agaın! I am keepıng my word and wrıtıng about my second EVS week here ın Bıtola because I want to share with you my experience […]

My journey to Macedonia: week 1

Hello!…or better yet здраво! My name is Claudia, newly  EVS participant for SFERA, coming from a big city in Transylvania, Romania, called Cluj-Napoca. For the next […]

A Transylvania EVS Tale

Like all great stories, ours starts with the well-known “once upon a time”.  Once upon a time, there were two Romanian girls coming from a big […]

Culture Bound

Think of a place, in which your leader was raised.                                 […]

Looking Outward and Inward

Even though the common view of an EVS experience is that of travelling, interacting with different cultures, and immersing yourself in a new way of life, […]

TURKISH DAY @ Bar Carsija

Who am I? I am a Turkish volunteer at Sfera Macedonia organization, under a short-term European Voluntary Service project, and I had the opportunity to organize […]

Comparison of Cultures – Esra Gullu

First of all, I visited the Old Bazaar located in the city of Bitola. I noticed the similaritiesbetween the two countries in the old buildings that […]

Settling into the Culture

There are some reasons why I decided to do this short-term EVS. First of all, I was looking for new challenges and, for that, I should […]

My Journey to Bitola

  After almost an entire day of travelling, I finally arrived at my destination: Bitola. Even though it was late and I was exhausted, I felt […]

Turkish Day Report – Shahrzad blog

I am Shahrzad from Turkey. I am 23 years old. I was a European Voluntary Service volunteer in Sfera Macedonia in Bitola, Macedonia for 2 months. […]


My EVS experience Emrah Görmüş For my EVS project, I spent two months in the Macedonian town of Bitola. During my stay here, I participated in […]

Coming out of my comfort zone – Diva blog

My name is Diva Carvalho and I’m a 24-year-old Portuguese girl from the island of Madeira. Now that my short-term European Voluntary Service here in Bitola, […]

Final report: Green Raid – Bitola, Macedonia – Belinda blog

Zdravo! Almost two months after the project, I can say that my main goals about this short-term EVS were accomplished: I faced new challenges in many […]

First Impression Counts – Beatriz blog

My name is Beatriz Viegas, I’m 23 years old and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal. I decided to take this short term EVS opportunity between the sending […]

My EVS experience in Bitola

When I first arrived in Bitola, I was afraid because I didn’t know anything about the town. Soon after, I met with the representatives of the […]