The Association for Sustainable Development SFERA International – Bitola (in continuation: SFERA International) focuses on youth and all citizens of the municipality of Bitola to achieve its main goals, activities, and actions in accordance with our mission. We want to raise awareness and educate local communities, using non-formal education methods, about environment protection, cultural and natural heritage, healthy lifestyles, long-term sustainable youth development, and youth active participation through volunteerism in North Macedonia. A member of the association can be any citizen, in coordination with the statute of the association. Membership in the association is voluntary and can be achieved by accepting the statute of the association, the goals of the association, and signing an application. The organisation has more than 600 members, with profiles ranging from high school students to professionals.


SFERA International—Bitola was first established as an informal group in 2007. However, in July 2009, it was officially registered as an NGO in North Macedonia. The general goal of SFERA International – Bitola is through non-formal methods to educate the population in North Macedonia about the protection of the environment, cultural and natural heritage, youth empowerment, and to raise the awareness of all age groups about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its benefits. In March 2015, the organization changed its Statute to focus on youth sustainability development, and youth empowerment, based on its values and competencies.


The organization’s mission is to raise awareness and educate communities throughout North Macedonia through non-formal education methods on a variety of topics, including environmental protection, cultural awareness, healthy lifestyle, youth development, sport, art, and active participation through volunteerism in North Macedonia and Europe.


SFERA International's vision is to become one of the largest internationally focused NGOs in North Macedonia. We want to provide the citizens of North Macedonia with the opportunity to train in youth work, harness skills that will make them well-rounded citizens, and learn more about Europe as a whole and the EU.