This year, SFERA celebrates its 14th year anniversary. It has been a long road, but the success stories among local youth, volunteers, and staff are tremendous. One of SFERA’s guiding principles is to be the change you want to see and we have witnessed our youth establishing far into their careers and life options. SFERA has three important objectives for the coming year – program innovation, visibility, and sustainability. Let’s celebrate the next 10 years of excellence, expansion, and engagement.


Click on the RED DOT on the map to see where our local youth have made an impact!
  • I really had a great time during the local Art Attack activities. I feel extremely happy at this moment and thank you for initiating this painting program. While I was painting, I felt relaxed and I started to forget about any bad things I was thinking and it changed my mood. So now, I’m really happy, it was fun, easy, and totally stress
    Jovana Kalica
  • My recent exchange was a short term EVS in a beautiful village in Croatia near Gospic, Veliki Zitnik. It was an outstanding experience, 2 weeks to meet new people, to survive in the wild, to go out of your comfort zone and to learn new skills while volunteering and helping the locals. Thank you SFERA for choosing me.
    Nikola Trgacevski
  • TC Happy Community was the name. Together, we have created a happy community where long-lasting friendship were formed. Thank you Sfera for providing youth with priceless information, wonderful inspiration, and massive value.
    Kristina Petrovska
  • Thanks to NGO Sfera I had the opportunity not only to discover Erasmus + exchanges, but also to find out more about other people, and about myself. I urge everyone to participate in local projects because they foster youth to social integration, intercultural understanding and a sense of belonging to a community.
    Ana Kostovska
  • I have participated in many local activities as well as Erasmus+ activities with SFERA. Thank you SFERA for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, learn new skills, and build amazing friendships locally and internationally.
    Veronika Zhezhovska
  • Hi, I’m Igor Jankoski and I’m 22 years old coming from Prilep. I have already participated in 2 projects in the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Poland thanks to SFERA.
    Igor Jankoski