Meet the team

The human resources of the SFERA organization consist of staff and volunteers that help SFERA, as an NGO organization, to be more active in local and international projects. All people involved in the organization have the skills and expertise needed to be involved in future activities and youth work in the community. 

The organization consists of decision-makers who focus on development, youth, and local, national, and international initiatives. Below are some of the key members of the organization who focus on the organization's engagement, programs, and development.



  • Protection of the environment, cultural, and natural heritage.
  • Promoting sustainable development and the usage of alternative sources of energy.
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through sport and a healthy diet.
  • Development of professional and leadership skills among young people.
  • Education of youngsters in the field of crisis management (floods, earthquakes, fires, erosion, and other natural disasters).
  • Promoting non-formal education and encouraging the creation of systems to support the young on a local, national, and international level.
  • Promoting youth activism and active citizenship among young people and informing them about all the opportunities they have.
  • Raising awareness of equality, tolerance, and democracy and introducing human rights to youngsters.
  • Support and facilitate the process of Europeanization of the country.
  • Providing primary free legal aid to citizens from vulnerable categories.

Milcho Duli

President and one of the founders of the NGO SFERA

Mende Sekulovski

Vice President of SFERA International

Katerina Popovska

Project manager and the general secretary of SFERA International

Evgenija Geramitchioska

Project assistant at SFERA International

Martin Mojanovski

Project assistent