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December 24, 2021
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January 13, 2022

On the 22nd of December, SFERA International organised a workshop about 17 Sustainable Development goals. Extra attention was paid to Green Activism. The workshop was delivered by a certified youth worker and licensed educator from Belgrade, Serbia –  Nemanja Kuzmanović.

The participants learned about the EU and World common goals for a better sustainable earth through the interactive workshop. By reading short articles about Green Activism we got the chance to learn about existing Green Activism projects that started during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only did we learn about Green Activism projects and the 17 Sustainable Development goals. We also got some side information about the sustainable development goals concerning the Erasmus+ program. The program of Erasmus+ is designed to support youngsters in personal and professional development. Through training and Youth Exchanges. Thereby contributing to social cohesion, quality jobs and sustainable growth. To drive innovation. By learning young people about sustainable growth the program hopes that young people will take that knowledge to help build a sustainable earth.

The participants all had a good basic understanding of the 17th Sustainable Development goals. The way the participants had learned about the goals differed. One of the Dutch volunteers learned about the goals in school. While others learned about it through a big interest in sustainable living. Still, the workshop was a good reminder that we need to change the way we live in order to survive in the future.

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