Hike to Smolevo “Find Your Inside Outside”

Clean-up action – from Smolevo to Heraclea
November 8, 2021
Workshop – Be smarter than your sources
November 12, 2021

On the 6th of November, the participants from Sfera that went to the Youth Exchange: “Find Your Inside Outside” organized a nice hike to Smolevo as part of the the dissemination activity of the project.

We even had another visitor to our event, Laura from Croatia, which was a participant on the exchange as well, came to Bitola to attend this dissemination hike and see the people from the project again.

At 10:00 everybody met up in front of the museum in Bitola, from there the hike started to Smolevo a small monastery on top of a mountain. The hike was very pleasant. It was good to see the persons from the Youth Exchange again. It was also nice to meet new people and tell them about all the experiences we got on “Find Your Inside Outside”.

In the monastery, the persons got the changes to learn some basic knots. For example the bowline, the clove hitch and the Russian knot. These were the same knots the participants from the Youth Exchange learned during their stay at venue Kavadarci in Kozuf Mountain.

After learning the basics knots, the participants of the hike were able to learn how to make fire with magnesium sticks. Not only could they try to make a fire, but they also learned about what you need in order to make a fire( for example birch wood and resin). Furthermore, they learned a little bit about fire safety. The stone underground of the monastery provided a safe underground to start a fire. Not all the materials could be found at the monastery, the birch wood was not available. After some searching resin was found on a nearby tree. Something that made it easier to start the fire. Like on the Youth Exchange, the fire making process was slow and frustrating, but after a lot of trying almost everybody was able to start a fire.

Following the activities of the Youth Exchange, the was a cleaning action on the way back.

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