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October 21, 2020
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October 21, 2020

When I got the acceptation from EVS in Bitola, I was both scared and excited what about I would face in Bitola. When I arrived here, it was the night that’s why I could not see anything about the city. It raised the excitement. And in the morning, I went to the office and met with the representatives of the SFERA organization who introduced me to my project.


When I toured the city reminiscent of Turkey, I noticed that a lot. Architectural structures, mosques and friendly Macedonians..

I have been here almost one month. The activities we did during one month in Bitola were both fun and beneficial. We always try our best for organizations but because of the pandemic situation we have to be careful both our and the public health. Therefore, we all and our masks are working together J.

I am happy to be here.. I have time 2 more months in Bitola.. I will update you about my this great experience  J.

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