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A Transylvania EVS Tale
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A Transylvania EVS Tale
Bursa blog

It was a quick process for me to come to North Macedonia. For the first time, I was going abroad. I was so excited. Today is May 3rd, and I came to North Macedonia on April 1st. My 33rd day in North Macedonia, and I do believe I made good friendships. I see different cultures and different places. We organize fun events with my volunteer friends. For example, movie nights, workshops on different topics, Art Attacks, etc. I’m having fun, and I am happy that I have met new people.

Together with my Turkish friend, I participated in a school project. We came here to do activities with a group of 10 or 11 kids from one of the local schools. We collected waste bottles from recycling boxes and the streets.

We were going to enclose the school garden with a picket fence. We needed bottles that were not being used anymore. Every step of the project was enjoyable.

I organized a workshop on the daily sports benefits.

Together with the other volunteers, we went to a high school to play floorball. It was nice to see teamwork again. We spent all our energy, and it was good for us.

For the rest of our time, we went to Ohrid with my other Turkish friend. Ohrid is a nice town, and there are a lot of historic buildings, churches, and museums.

We went to the museum. I love Atatürk, so I am impressed by the museum.

I have had different experiences. I am very happy to be here, and I am happy to say that I came here.

The project will be over soon, and I will be very sad. I love my Ukrainian flatmates, and I will miss them. I will miss the people that I met in North Macedonia. EVS was a nice experience. I think everyone should experience it. I’d love to come back here again.

Nice to meet you, Bitola.

See you, North Macedonia!