A Transylvania EVS Tale

Seminar “Volunteering for change”
November 28, 2017
My journey to Macedonia: week 1
December 16, 2017

Like all great stories, ours starts with the well-known “once upon a time”.  Once upon a time, there were two Romanian girls coming from a big city in Transylvania, called Cluj-Napoca that were craving for adventure, self-discovery and new heroes in their lives. They decided to participate in a short-term (but not less exciting than a long-term) EVS project in a beautiful city in Macedonia, called Bitola, situated right at the foot of the mountains.


Our volunteering journey is still in the making as the project has just started and we could not be more enthusiastic to contribute to such an amazing green initiative. More precisely, we will have recycling and upcycling workshops to learn practical ways to turn junk into treasure. Each week, my Romanian side kick and I will organize workshops with the children where we take recyclable materials, such as plastic, paper, etc. and transform them into useful or fun objects to be valued once again. We aim to have fun doing these workshops, while reminding ourselves that on Planet Earth there is no room for trash, but plenty for creativity for good causes while making it a little more livable. For sure, experiencing volunteering in a new culture will be eye-opening and will make us better citizens of the world.

To be continued…

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