Art Attack of December 2021

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December 20, 2021
Environment in Bitola: Air Pollution by Nemanja Kuzmanović
December 20, 2021

On Friday, the 17th of December, the two Dutch volunteers organized an Art Attack. For every person that attended the Art Attack, there was a canvas, palette and painting apron. Furthermore, there were a variety of colors and brushes for the participants to use. On the Art Attack of November, there was a clear theme of autumn. This time most of the people chose their theme. This resulted in very varied paintings. After everybody had arrived and got a drink, the creative process of painting and relaxing could start.

The music that was played was a nice background sound to improve the creative process. Some people already knew what they wanted to paint and started instantly. Other people first searched on the internet for some inspiration. Like the last time, not everybody painted with acryl paint. Some people preferred watercolors. After almost two hours most people were finished with their painting. The participants cleaned their brushes and went home. It was possible to let the paintings dry in the SFERA office, but most people took the painting home to let it dry there.

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