Workshop – Journaling for mental health

Final Meeting of the Strategic Partnership “Pro Dialogue”
November 1, 2021
3rd Deep Talk at УЛАФ СТЕ
November 8, 2021

Tuesday evening the workshop ‘Journaling for mental health’ took place in the SFERA office. The workshop was set up and hosted by our Dutch volunteer who shared her knowledge and experience with the group. The aims of the event was to raise awareness on the topic of mental health and to provide participants with a method to work on their selves. The method of journaling has been scientifically and empirically proven and is still gaining in popularity. In short journaling is the act of tracking your mind for clarity and mental health improvement. Besides some explanation and discussion all participants got to practice journaling during the workshop as well. Overall the workshop was a success, providing a comfortable setting and opportunity to learn more about mental health, journaling and self-development. 

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