Workshop for stakeholders “Pro-Dialogue”

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February 18, 2021
Training “Pro Dialogue”
March 2, 2021

Sfera International organized the workshop “Pro-Dialogue” for representatives of educational institutions, civil society organisations, and NGOs  on 17.02.2021 where we had a total of 18 participants present. 15 of the participants were representatives of NGOs and associations from the civic sector, 1 participant was representing the technical high shcool in Bitola, 1 participant was representing a primary school and 1 participant was representing a welfare organization.


The workshop had the following flow of activities:

  • Project presentation by the project manager Milcho Duli
  • Presentation of the training course by Simona Sidrovska (one of the dialogators)
  • Interactive workshop with the participants on the topic of homeless people lead by Simona
  • Open discussion on the project topics, and the need for dialogators lead by Katerina Popovska
  • Closing and cocktail/ informal networking


At the end, we started a discussion with the participants about hate speech and fake news, what is the perception and experience of the participants on these topics, which vunerable groups do they think are most affected by hate speech in our country, what can we do to raise awareness about this, then continuing about the dialogators’ roles, how much do the participants think that we have a need of dialogators, and do they think their institutions would benefit from training dialogators.

We had a fruitful discussion on all the above mentioned topics, and we had an overall agreement that dialogators are necessary in all of their institutions.


This workshop was organized as part of the project „PRO Dialogue”, which is a Strategic Partnership funded by the Erasmus plus programme.

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