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Public discussion – “Volunteering at Festivals vs. Volunteering in the Community”

Local Volunteering Council Project

SFERA International organized a volunteering activity with the Josip Broz Tito School supported by the Local voluntary council in the municipality of Bitola, where 27 students joined the project, accompanied by two teachers and the support of the school's director. From pallets and recycled tires, we built a recreation area with 4 benches and 2 tables, the tires were used to make pots for planting trees. We worked three consecutive days to realize the idea, in total it took us 12 hours of work. Two companies from Bitola donated part of the materials: GRAFO PROM and Tigar Promet Bitola. The students were satisfied with the result, they liked the idea and were able to implement it with a lot of dedication and patience. They were proud to have created with their hands a space that will be useful for the whole school. At the event SFERA has provided entertainment during the work with a DJ and food from meze bar Jagoda The youth of Bitola is full of pleasant surprises, with a lively spirit and full of enthusiasm. The teaching staff is just as committed as the students, which gave us an incredible team spirit. The project was funded by the Local Volunteering Council of Municipality of Bitola.