Types of trees around Bitola
Knitting Activity
Types of trees around Bitola
Knitting Activity

CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS from North Macedonia for participating in project “Non-Violent CommuniAction”

WHERE: Laroin, Pau, France
WHEN: 17-26.10.2023
AGE: 18+

• Introduction to non-violent communication methods.
• Improvement of conflict resolution methods.
• Audiovisual education and literacy to develop critical thinking towards digital communication.
• Promotion of the Erasmus + program and international mobility opportunities at the local level.
• Intercultural learning through teamwork and cooperation to achieve a common goal.
• Acquisition of specific skills for video recording and editing.

For more information about the project and a link to the application form, please send us an email to sfera.applications@gmail.com with the subject “Non-Violent CommuniAction“.

Spread the word and join us in fostering peaceful communication and intercultural understanding!