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August 21, 2019
August 30, 2019

I am on the last day of my 2-month voluntariness. I have difficulty describing my feelings because I have had very good experiences in Bitola and I’m getting used to it. but I miss my country, I can briefly say that I am in a paradox.

I did research before I came here, but when I arrived I realized that there was much more than information on the Internet. I remember the first day I came to Bitola, people were very warm and helpful. Almost all the people of Bitola were walking on Sirok Street at night. We decided to taste local delicacies. you should really taste the melted cheese. In addition, some places will be able to compete with Italians in pizza making, especially in vegetarian pizza.

We organized many events in 2 months and met different people. these activities contributed very well to my professional skills. Recognizing different cultures broadened my horizon. especially the trip to Balkan brought me a lot. In this tour I started alone, I have made many friends from different nationalities. first I went to the city of Budva and stayed one night. Budva was a very historic and great city. My next stop after Budva was Kotor. in Kotor two nights I stayed two days. I absolutely loved Kotora is a city with wonderful historical texture. they have managed to preserve the historic fabric in the old town. there are also many places worth seeing outside the old town. for example, you can do water skiing or diving. If you are interested in water sports, I recommend you to explore the underwater world in the wonderful bays of Kotor. On my second day in Kotor, I did great rafting. my current excitement was worth seeing. I also recommend climbing the 1600-step stairs to the castle where you can see the hill from the hill. it can be a bit tiring, but believe me, it’s worth it. My third stop after Kotor was Podgorica, the capital of the Black Sea. I took the train from Podgarista and left for Belgrade. On this 12-hour train ride, I met wonderful nature views. I have made 3 Dutch, German and South African friends. We stayed in the same hostel in Belgrade. The next day I visited Belgrade and set out to return.

In short, this 2-month process was very nice for me in the office environment and I have established very good friendships in daily life. I’m a little sorry to leave, but I’m happy to return to my country. thank you Macedonia, thank you Sfera.

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