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November 6, 2020
Büşra Blog 2
November 19, 2020


It´s been almost 2 months since my EVS project started but for me it seems like 1 week, time is so fast. In September I came to the Ohrid airport, full of expectations, a little bit afraid of the unknown but mostly excited about my travel. Now it´s time to come back to Czech Republic with new cultural and work experience – and of course with a lot of Macedonian wine and beer J.

I worked on my project with Ilgaz from Turkey and I lived with two Turkish volunteers from another project. I have to say that I learnt more about Turkish culture than the Macedonian one. They showed me a lot from their cuisine and the language – I didn´t understand most of time but after while I caught some words. Thank you girls, I will miss you, it was amazing to share everything with you!


This was my second experience of living abroad in my life, I became more independent and improved my language skills. From my project I learnt the most about international cuisine but also about preparing events and sharing with others. Volunteering was definitely a good decision, I am glad I went out of my comfort zone in August and said „YES“ to this opportunity.

In the end – big thanks to all SFERA staff. Even with some problem as was for example one week self- isolation, you always gave me full support and I knew I can rely on you. Number of people like you should increase.



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