ECHO Academy
Let’s talk about the Envinonment
ECHO Academy
Let’s talk about the Envinonment

The National Youth Council of Macedonia – NYCM / KRNM celebrates its 10th anniversary!
In order to commemorate NYCM’s birthday, Sfera International is organizing the event “LET’S COOK TOGETHER!” where young people from Bitola of Macedonian, Albanian, and Turkish ethnic backgrounds will have the opportunity to cook and present their traditional food!

Through this event, the youth of Bitola will have the chance to learn new recipes through socializing and cooking, promoting the similarities and differences in our traditional food and culture.

The event is open and consists of two parts:
– Cooking traditional Macedonian, Albanian, and Turkish food, starting at 4:00 PM
– Open event for food tasting (plus DJ entertainment), starting at 6:00 PM
When: June 28, 2023
Where: Youth Hub Bitola, Krusevo Street 5

Join us at this event where, through cooking and music, you’ll have the chance to learn and experience food from different cultures, acquire new recipes and techniques, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate NYCM’s birthday together!

Application for participation:
[Link to application form:…/1FAIpQLSeJvcrjdIn…/viewform…]