Young Entrepreneurs in Times of Crisis
Young Entrepreneurs in Times of Crisis

Are you a young and emerging musician living in an EU country or a Western Balkan country? Do you want to develop your portfolio, expand your network, and gain visibility in the international art scene? Then the ECHO Academy in Bitola, North Macedonia is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

ECHO Academy project aims to nurture talents, build capacities, create networks, allow synergies, and expand the visibility of artistic works on a cross-national and international level.
The Bitola Academy will focus on ritual songs of the Bitola region who will serve as inspiration for musicians to create traditional, modern, or contemporary music. Artists will get to visit music historians, attend celebrations that include traditional music, and meet with fellow musicians from Bitola in order to research and get inspiration for their work.

At the end of the Academy, an international judging committee will elect three (3) winners who will receive a cash prize and will be called to implement the presented pilot project in their home countries using ECHOAc funding.

The prizes for the winning artists are:
1st prize: € 3000
2nd prize: € 2000
3rd prize: € 1000

The programme covers travel costs and accommodation expenses, and foresees food for the whole duration of the Academy.

Basic English language communication skills, academic or empirical skills in the required field, and residency in the EU or the Western Balkans are the only requirements.

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