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My experience as an EVS volunteer
February 27, 2019
From short term to long term by Tereza Swobodowa
February 28, 2019

Why does modern youth choose the path of volunteering or how to change the high-paying job and become an EVS volunteer?

“The best decisions are taken quickly and spontaneously. That was the case with my volunteering. I did not plan this for several months. This was the first application that I filled in and picked me up. So, apparently, I’m lucky. I know that not everyone is so lucky. Friends in shock, family as well. And I’m absolutely happy.

And from here I absolutely happy arrived to Skopje. My knowledge of Macedonia was to show the country on the map and Alexander Macedonian, probably from here. But how cool it is to open a new country. This is the way I want everyone to go. And some of my discoveries:

Point 1 – Credo of local residents: “Just relax!” They are in no hurry and delay in 10-15 minutes, then not delayed. Therefore, when you are preparing some event, be ready to wait. For me, as for a person who used to live in a frenzied rhythm – this is a reboot and it’s cool.

Point 2 – Depending on the local cuisine – it is very tasty. Burek, gevrek and a huge amount of baking is just amazing. Already sent my mom a recipe for burek – because I know for sure that I will miss this.

Point 3 – Tolerance of drivers – they always miss, regardless of whether you are on the pedestrian crossing or not.

Point 4 – It turns out Sumy citizen has an active civil position . Everything is known in comparison. A very small percentage of young people in Bitola are interested in implementing some projects, additions to the shares. The low level of employment, so when you organize something you need to take into account a bunch of factors to interest the audience.

Point 5 – How to calculate a foreigner in a city? That’s very easy, go to a nightclub or a cafe. The dancing youth is definitely not local. Absolutely nobody dances and it was very strange for me.

Point 6 – Volunteers can live in a penthouse. And this happens, I say with absolute certainty. After all, I live on the last floor in a two-story apartment in the city center. The view from the window – just fascinating. It was here that I fell in love with the mountains.

Point 7 – The most stable thing in Bitola is unstable weather. It changes if not every minute, then every hour – it’s for sure. Be ready, that today you are riding on the tracks, and tomorrow you put on a down jacket and write snowballs or walk in the rain.

Point 8 – Stereotype: “Ukrainka – the most beautiful girls” takes place here.

I can continue with point for a very long time, but the main thing that gives me an EVS is a feeling of your own need and the ability to reboot. I am baffling from the process of organizing the events here. It’s quite different, but no less interesting. This is a huge plus for my professional and personal development. And also the gratitude of the local youth, their smiles and words.

It’s hard to be at the hippies and in the center of the events in the new city and with new people. This is a peculiar challenge for everyone, but it’s incredibly interesting. If you are still thinking and thinking, go or not – my answer is unequivocal – yes. Carpe diem! Change your future! Start now!


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