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Inna Dmitrenko
Ilgaz Blog
Inna Dmitrenko

Hello again – Здраво повторно,

I am writing with the happiness of completing our project at the end of the second month and the sadness of leaving this beautiful country. During these two months, which seemed long but went by very quickly, I met amazing people, had great experiences, and had the opportunity to see many different cultures.

In two months, I had the opportunity to visit a lot on weekends, except on the days we worked on the project on weekdays. You should definitely add Prespa and its surroundings, as well as Struga, to your tour list. Don’t be sad that there is no sea here because lakes are as beautiful as the sea.

The factory we worked in was not in the city, and my teammate and I were going to the factory by doing a small city tour two days a week. During these times, we saw many small settlements close to the city, even from a distance.

When we worked in the factory, although the employees not knowing English created problems for the first time, we started to get used to the language and to communicate more easily with the Macedonian language lessons. The work area was not tidy or very clean, but the staff was very helpful.

Nu House, our second place of work, was in the center of the city, and we were having a great time with my colleagues. We made pancakes and donated the pancakes we made.

Thank you, North Macedonia for all these experiences, nice people, and opportunities that I have met.


Благодарам за се Mакедонија !

чао чао, поздрав