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Furkan KALIT EVS Second Month in Macedonia ( February 2018 )
April 2, 2018
Enviromental reasersch in Bitola
April 16, 2018

I had only 2 months when I completed my previous blog. Now I can freely say that Mission Completed. 6 month journey has been done.

During these last two months, I travelled to Turkey, Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro besides doing what I was doing in my Project.

I needed to go to Istanbul for something which I was required there. Besides doing my stuff, I also visited my family after a long time. I stayed in İstanbul for a week, and the day when I came to Bitola, I set out a journey again! To Belgrade. We -Turkish volunteer Furkan, Portuguese volunteers Pedro and Mariana- went to Serbia, and spent there 3 incredible days. One week later that our returns to Bitola from Serbia we went to Kosovo by a jumping bus from Skopje. It was the best part of travel to me. I am not exaggerating! The bus was jumping with the people inside. We (Pedro, me, and Mariana) were watching people, if their heads would touch the bus top. These people were so brave. One even was drinking coffee in that jumping bus. We could not even sit properly because of jumping, and this person was drinking coffee. Waaw.  We spent 2 unplanned days in Kosovo because of difficulty of transportation. Nobody was sure about the timetable. But, it was worth it for sure. We stayed in an incredible hostel with its nice people.

From Kosovo

After Kosovo, we traveled to Montenegro- it was a bit challenging, but we reached Kotor anyway. Kotor might be my first crush at first sight! I fell in love with the Old Town. I fell in love with the view that the city had. I loved that place so much. It is too early to say that since I know that in the world, there are other amazing places. After staying there 3 days, we visited Podgorica and Budva for some hours as they were on our way back.

After these journeys, we (Pedro, me, and Mariana) went to Krusevo; visited Tose memorial, The Ilinden (Makedonium). I did my travels in my last two months because I had the pleasant weather to travel. And we visited KRKLINO museum in Bitola. We saw old cars and motorcycles, besides traditional clothes and sample religious rooms.

The last days came and it was time to say goodbye. I went to the rehabilitation centre for the last time. It was an emotional moment for me to say goodbye to them. I hugged each kid and left saying goodbye. I ate my last lunch with my friends. I thanked them that they were there for me. I ate my last dinner with Sfera Macedonia Staff and volunteers. I was given my YouthPass Certificate by the President of NGO.

Last Lunch with my Friends


Last dinner with Sfera Macedonia-and YouthPass Certificate


Last Selfie

I am done with the EVS. Now, I have experiences and memories in my luggage. I will miss playing with the kids from the Rehabilitation Centre. I will miss teaching Turkish Language. I will miss people that I have known in Macedonia. I met people whom I will never forget, and always keep in touch with.

Thank you, Bitola!

Nice to meet you.

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