Fatma Duran

1st month in Sfera
May 21, 2019
Demir Kapija Outdoor Festival 20.05.2019
May 21, 2019

İn five days, I decided to start my two-month Macedonian adventure thanks to EVS. With the help of Evs Bursa coordinator Mrs.Başak, I accepted to Macedonia Sfera. In five days, I took my ticket. Ankara-Istanbul-Macedonia was a long flight from Skopje. After Skopje, I had to come to the Manastır with the name of Bitola Turkish. It was easy to find someone who spoke Turkish and English at the airport. People from the first moment of the help was loving and smiling face. I met two Turks and went to the bus station together with a taxi. After getting my bus ticket from bus station, I came to Bitola about 3.5 hours. You can see the natural beauty all the way.

My coordinator welcomed me at the bus station and took me home. As soon as I landed, they prepare a dinner for me and the other volunteer friends. I had the opportunity to have a nice meal in a beautiful place and meet friends. My stay at home was not very comfortable but at home we had everything to meet our needs. I had no great expectations because I had previously gone to another country with a volunteer program, but everything was above my expectations. I can say that the people of Bitola are very calm, friendly and very helpful. I’ve been here for anıt eight days and I’ve never met anything negative.

My stay was a great place for a nice walk in the mornings, 2 min walk to the walking path and the zoo. You can walk along with squirrels. You can make yourself breakfast at home in the mornings or have bakery everywhere. The prices are pretty convenient, you can have breakfast in the morning for 3-5 dinar. There are not many choices for fast food but you can eat cheaply and satisfyingly. Those who don’t want to eat because the pork is generally consumed, we have to ask each time. The houses are very cold in Bitola. You must to pay attention to dressing preferences. Bitola is a small city that does not have much to do, but every day when people are there, we drink coffee in the street and chat with friends. The monastery that Atatürk had read is only 5 minutes away. It feels good to know that Atatürk once lived and had lived here. Although it is a week, we can meet with friends at any time during the day in street it feeling like you are living still hometown. Clothing is often quite expensive here because it comes from Turkey. Approximately 5-6 hours are working in the office between 10 – 3 hours. My project is very comprehensive Now I am asked to find a new project on many topics and to work on it. The office environment is very comfortable and people is warm blood, friendly, helpful.We did a weekend tour of Skopje with a few friends. Skopje is a great city based on Bitola and has great places to see. We have a plan to move all weekends to other cities and other Balkan countries. Calmness, nature, people who love to walk can come without hesitation.


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