Sfera Art Program


SFERA ARTATTACK is a newly initiated program by SFERA organization. This event is ongoing and held monthly at the office and a great way to get group of individuals together for a night of painting, recreation, and fun. The goal of this initiative is to be able to get youth involved in the community and come together in the form of art and creativity. We want to bring people back together in a fun and creative way for empowerment, motivation, connection, and to give them a sense of belonging. It helps individuals to focus on relaxation, fun, relationship building, improving skills, learning new artistic skills while painting with friends. All materials are provided to participants including canvases, paint, brushes, easels, apron, and everyone is guaranteed to leave with their own painting. Be sure to register on time for the monthly event.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their enormous support in contributing to the success of this new program in Bitola: Guslene Belleus, Nikki Rankine, Jordan Mangual, Karl Kerlegran, Katarzyna Chojnowska, Ljubica Solak, SFERA EVS volunteers, and the community. Your support helped us empower people through art and creativity. Thank you for helping us to create and to give this opportunity to people to freely express themselves.

Since the first “ART ATTACK” event in February, we’ve had 7 art events with 81 participants. The participants are guaranteed an unforgettable evening of fun with friends where they can paint in a relaxed, social setting, and are guided through replicating the night’s featured painting. Jovana Kalica, one of the participants, said “I really had a great time, I feel extremely happy at this moment and thank you for initiated this program. While I was painting, I felt relaxed and I started to forget about any bad things I was thinking and it changed my mood. So now, I’m really happy, it was fun, easy, and totally stress free.”
Be sure to register once tickets are available