Milcho Duli has more than 15 years of experience in the youth work sector and has been working hands-on with the youth organization since its beginning. He has a Master's Degree in Economy; however, youth work, social development, and project management are his passion. He has been active in many local and international activities organized by SFERA INTERNATIONAL that have a big impact on a local and national level of dissemination, especially in the field of education, focusing on youngsters to develop skills and competencies. On an international level, he has participated in a great number of Erasmus + projects (and Youth in Action projects) as a participant and trainer in more than 15 Training courses in different countries in Europe. Milcho has a very wide experience, especially in the areas of non-formal and informal education, leadership, democracy, human rights, entrepreneurship, and employability as his primary learning. He brought the non-governmental organization to the next level of achievement in all sectors. SFERA was awarded in the years 2015–2018 as the Most active and popular NGO in Bitola and the Most Successful NGO in Bitola in 2019 thanks to all the projects and great work done in the years of 2013- 2014-2019.
Mende Sekulovski is the Vice President of SFERA International and an active youth worker in the organization with six years of volunteer experience with the NGO and eight years of working experience. He has participated in over 50 Youth Exchanges and Training Courses. He is always motivated to work with the youth to share and learn new non-formal methods and techniques. The experience that he has had during the last 8 years of working with youth projects has made him a skilled project writer and coordinator. He is an expert on the Erasmus + programme and ESC regarding the promotion of youth, democracy, inclusion, and self-development. He holds a Bachelor of law and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Law.
Katerina Popovska is a project manager, youth worker, and the general secretary of SFERA International. She has been actively working with youth for about 7 years; however, she has been volunteering with the SFERA organization for over 14 years. She has previous experience in working with local youth to promote and empower leadership, democracy, and self-development. On an international level, she has successfully implemented a large number of youth exchanges and training courses and has participated in many trainings and seminars to develop her skills in working with youth. Throughout the years with the organization, she’s gained project management and leadership skills that make her one of the most active youth workers in Sfera. In 2021, she finished a course for youth workers and is among the first nationally certified youth workers in the country. Katerina holds a bachelor's degree in Financial Management, and is currently working on her master’s thesis on the topic "Social responsibility of companies in North Macedonia and the connection with the profit." "Social responsibility of companies in North Macedonia and the connection with the profit."
Evgenija Geramitchioska has been a project assistant at SFERA International since 2021. At the age of 18, she was introduced to non-formal education and the non-governmental sector for the first time, and from that moment on, she fell in love with non-formal education. Since then, she has been active in SFERA as a local and international volunteer, and she has participated in 20 youth exchanges and training courses. Her desire, passion, and love are for the non-governmental sector, which works with young people, especially on topics such as human rights and the environment. She has a bachelor's degree in international law and the law of the European Union, and now she is preparing her master's thesis. In addition to this, she also graduated from the Human Rights Academy and has a passion for languages, especially German. Her passion is to travel and visit new places, and she loves to read books.
Martin Mojanovski has been a project assistant at SFERA International since September 2022. His volunteering experience started at the festival of short films, Balkan Beyond Borders, organised by SFERA International. His interest in non formal education and the non-governmental sector was sparked at this event, and he was inspired to join SFERA International to continue to help make the world a better place. He is eager to use his skills and passion to make a difference. He has a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He also likes to travel, visit new places, and meet new people. He is always looking for new opportunities to collaborate. He is dedicated to making a difference and making a positive impact on the world.