From short term to long term by Tereza Swobodowa

Inna Dmitrenko
February 28, 2019
Nataliia Yatsyshyn
February 28, 2019

My EVS journey dates back in October 2018 when I started my short term in SFERA. I stayed two months – from the beginning it seemed to be quite enough time but when the EVS was slowly coming by its end, I just wished I could stay longer. And all of the sudden the offer from Milcho has arrived: “Would you like to come for a long term? We have one project approved and someone dropped out”. I had to take few days to think about it and then I said yes. So here I am again!

My current project is on the topics of raising awareness about recycling and upcycling among pupils in the elementary schools and as well do the workshops for the active citizens of Bitola. So far, I did two workshops with the colleague of mine in local elementary school with the pupils aged 12 and 13 and it was simply enjoyable experience! We are currently planning more and more activities to be done. For me, it’s brand new experience to work with the large group of kids and I enjoy it to the fullest. My head is full of ideas about what activities to do, searching different DYI methods and thinking about some sustainable mini projects.

Apart of that I would like to make some movie nights with the ecological topic and raise more awareness about the consequences of littering.
With the help of my colleagues I’m gonna organize the Swap event once again. For the previous, first, time it was really successful and we all hope that the second edition will be even more successful!

Moreover, I’m looking forward to discover more towns and areas then previous time. I have already visited Ohrid and it was just breathtaking. And the weather – was just the cherry on a pie. Mid of February and the weather felt like late April. Really enjoyable weekend, hope I will go back in upcoming weeks.

I’ll be back soon with more stories to tell from my Macedonian life.

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