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November 7, 2019
Tender 02/2019
November 14, 2019

This EVS is my first one. Everything started so fast for me. I took part in domestic volunteering projects in the past but never international ones. As a volunteer project abroad, I am happy to be a part of SFERA International in this project. When I was accepted to the project, I did research about this city and learned that I would spend three months in the city where Atatürk was studying. I work with very good people. I meet new people in every activity, becoming friends with many of them. I began to accumulate memories with local people, other foreigners, and people from all over the world. I started taking Macedonian lessons, so I could continue my life here more easily. We started with the alphabet, and I keep improving myself with new information every week. I spend two days a week teaching with an English teacher at primary school.

I work in the office on other days of the week. We do beautiful activities with children at school. The kids want to hug me at the end of the class. We prepared cultural dinner days and cultural nights. I cooked dishes promoting my country, people tasted it and loved it. We did cleaning actions in the nature. It is great to be part of a project that I feel useful to the world. I share homes with people from other parts of the world and try to get to know their culture.

I’d like to talk about what I do outside of work. I feel good in Bitola. I like cities that are not crowded. The first week I came to Bitola, there was an international classical music festival. I enjoyed this activity. There is a park that I like very much, I love to walk there and do sports. I spent a couple of weeks traveling out of town. I had a celebration away from my family on my birthday. People here celebrated my birthday like my family. I hope to continue to have nice days like these.

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