Deep Talk with SFERA

Why beer and honey? – Lecture about the Czech Republic
October 5, 2021
Deep Talk with SFERA – 2nd edition
October 22, 2021
Deep Talk attendants with the SFERA banner

Deep Talk attendants with the SFERA banner

Preparations and welcome

This was our (Dagmar and Marit) first English Event called Deep Talk. On 17:30 we arrived in Cafe УЛАФ СТЕ to set everything up because the event took place from 18:00 till 19:00. For the future we know we don´t have to come this early because the setting up did not take that much time at all. The Café owners were happy with our arrival and even helped to set everything up, which speeded up the process even more Even though the owners are deaf, the communication went good. Marit had even the possibility to learn some sign language.  

Jar and drawn questions

In the cafe, we had the whole top floor for ourselves so there was enough privacy. The chairs were put around some tables to create a circle. After almost everybody arrived it was time to start. One person was not able to make it (due to personal reasons). In total there were 11 people, including Bretislav who took pictures of the event. First, we did a short introduction to tell about the Deep Talk and a little thing about ourselves. The Deep Talk is planned to be held every other week in the same café at the same time. Every time there is another topic which we would be discussing. The topic of the first Deep Talk was about: “first impressions”. In the preparation, we thought about questions and wrote those down. The questions were then put into a jar. After explaining how the event would take place it was time to grab the first question out of the jar. It is expected that when you grab a question, you will answer the question. So after the first person answered the question some people made comments about it and shared their idea. This could be the same idea or a completely different idea. Then the jar was being passed to the next person and the same process followed of people committing to the question or asking a follow-up question. In total, we were able to have withdrawn 20 questions in the hour. To end the first Deep Talk we made a group photo by the SFERA banner. 

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