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Settling into the Culture
September 25, 2017
TURKISH DAY @ Bar Carsija
September 25, 2017

First of all, I visited the Old Bazaar located in the city of Bitola. I noticed the similaritiesbetween the two countries in the old buildings that are protectedjust as in Turkey. People in both countries attach a lot of importance to this. History is protected in many places because we care about our past. As far as I know, the Ottoman Empire had already been presentin Macedonia before the FirstWorld War, thus increased the similarities between the countries.

Many works were made here by the Turks hundreds of years ago, and we have seen most of the architectural works and artifacts still preserved such as the mosques and the clock tower. Bitola still cherishes the importance ofarchitecture.

There are many similarbuildings in Turkey,as well. In my opinion, the resemblance is due to the occupation.

I came here knowing that I would not have any trouble adapting to the culture, tradition and environment due to the two nations sharing a similar culture. So far, I have not encountered any problems.

I talked to a lot of people and asked them about their opinions on Turkey; all had positive attitudes and showed kindness and tolerance as those in Turkey, which I was happy to learn.

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