Мy EVS experience

Се Гледаме, Македонија
Се Гледаме, Македонија

Здраво, како сте вие? Today, I’d like to share with you my experience participating in an EVS project called “Upgrade your neighborhood—Brand your city,” a project that brought together young people from 3 different countries (Greece, Croatia, and Ukraine) to improve and upgrade one of the neighborhoods called Karposh by means of creating and conducting different activities and events, intercultural interactions, adapting an active lifestyle, and integration and engagement with the local community. The project took place from 01.11.2018 to 01.12.18 in Bitola (Macedonia).

To cut it short, it was amazing… A month of productivity, positive influence, fun, new experiences, international and intercultural mingling, and a bit of travelling.

What about activities and stuff?

  1. While being abroad, I had the chance to conduct 5 workshops or trainings on the topics of being creative while learning foreign languages, mastery, communication, critical thinking with cognitive biases, international opportunities, and writing motivational letters. For example, at the workshop on communication called “How to Become a Great Communicator,” the themes were: what is the essence of communication?, how to start a conversation with strangers, the art of small talk, techniques to influence people, how to be an amazing listener, how to talk to anyone anywhere, public speaking, communication with the opposite sex, keeping strong eye contact, how to give people constructive criticism, different tonalities of voice and body language signals, open-mindedness in the conversation, and how to talk with actions. We also explored the most influential books on the topic (i.e., “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” “The 48 Laws of Power,” and “Never Eat Alone,” among others). There were multiple applications of communication techniques in day-to-day life. No matter what you are doing in life, where you are, or your plan to be a respected manager, interesting teacher, great public speaker, captivating interlocutor, caring friend, or spouse…
  2. I also attended a conference concerning unemployment and professional development called “Design Your Job.”
  3. During my stay, I explored some aspects of organizational functioning, leadership, and management, as well as project actualization.
  4. We also helped organize an art and music festival, “сФест” with street art, photography, collage sculptures, artists and DJs from 5 different countries, and magic and fire shows.
  5. Секоја недела имавме убави часови по македонски јазик. I wrote, “Every week we had nice lessons in the Macedonian language.” I hope there are no mistakes in this sentence.
  6. I attended a big range of events myself, beginning with the topic of social entrepreneurship and ending with karaoke night.
  7. In the end, I had the chance to explore Florina (Greece) and Skopje (the Macedonian capital), and the latter gave me unexpectedly pleasant impressions.

All the above-mentioned components and activities greatly contributed to my personal and professional development.

I want to thank an amazing organization, SFERA, and its unmatched members: Milcho Duli, Kate Popovska, Mende Sekulovski, and Valerija Damchevska, for their support, flexibility, resourcefulness, and every act of kindness or help I forgot to mention. Also, a big “thank you” to my sending organization, the Center for Euroinitiatives (in particular, Anastasia Mazur), for instructions, guidance, and for giving young people such delightful opportunities.

Lastly, thanks to my colleagues… Nives, Hanne, Iren,and Snea Beyza, Aristeus, Ivanka, Sneža. And locals: Viki, Ognen, Ljupcho, Iza, Darko, Dorothea, Klimentia, and others.


BTW, wherever you are, don’t forget to be awesome!