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February 28, 2020
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March 5, 2020

From 08 – 16th of February Sfera International together with Youth Develop Denmark implemented the Youth Exchange “WE CAN DO IT” funded by the Erasmus plus programme.

The main AIM of this project was to raise awareness about women’s rights, fight against gender based discrimination and use film as a tool to promote the use of storytelling and short films as tools for activism.

In order to achieve this goal we used film as a tool to fight for women’s rights and gender equality and we created 5 short films that will be our message to the world on this topic.

In this way we also promote film as a tool for activism. We want to motivate other young people, besides our participants to be activists about the issues in their societies that they want to change.

By attending this youth exchange the youth from the participating countries gained new skills about using film and storytelling as a way of activism which they could use in the future.

All the activities were based on non-formal learning methodologies. Throughout the YE we did ice-breaking games, team building activities, participative/interactive workshops, debates and discussions, fotoromanzo collage making, simulations, theater, different interactive games, and photo and video shooting and video editing.

You can see all of our final movies on our youtube channel in the playlist WE CAN DO IT:

Personal experience of our participants:

“For me this was like a fairy tale. Such a magnificent experience , having the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people.” 

Ivan Iloski


“It was one of the most successful projects I have ever worked on! The participants were super engaged in all the activities and created incredible videos that will serve to spread our message and fight for gender equality!” 

Katerina Popovska


“If somebody asked me to describe this experience with a few words I would say: positive, memorable, valuable and definitely the best experience. Within this project I had a chance to talk with open minded people, to learn about the topic and to hear the problems facing their countries.
About my personal development I can say that I dared to step out of my comfort zone and improve my personal motivation.” 

Gabriela Arginovska


“Although I’m speechless, for me this was a truly unforgettable experience. The feeling is amazing when you make friendships with people from different backgrounds and countries, and even more when you share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with them. The topic of the project I can say is one of my favorites and I learned a lot about it. For me, the most interesting part of the project was recording of the videos, because in my opinion, we made a big step by sending very important messages around the world. I believe that a lot of people will see our videos and through them we will raise awareness of human rights, the importance and meaning of feminism, the fight against violence, women’s rights, the need to be courageous and to fight against gender-based discrimination. I have achieved personal development and have become much more motivated to fight against the injustices and problems we face with everyday. Big thanks to the organizers who made it possible for me to be part of this project. We can do it!” 

Natali Janceska


“Applying for this project turned out to be a lesson of great value and an amazing experience. Going through this process of expressing my opinions, hearing others’ opinions and sharing creative ideas with other people from various backgrounds was more than beautiful. It was creative, positively influential and productive. All of the topics, methods and workshops implemented in this training course were highly fruitful with knowledge and all of our free time was quite fruitful with fun and new friendships. Glad that I was a part of something so good.”

Darko Boshkovski


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