YE – Pollution 2 inclusion in Krusevac

Dutch Cultural Evening
October 25, 2021
Final Meeting of the Strategic Partnership “Pro Dialogue”
November 1, 2021

From 26 July – 03 August 2021 Sfera International together with RESPOLIS implemented the YE From Pollution 2 inclusion in Krusevac, Serbia. The project joined participants from 6 different countries: Serbia, North Macedonia, Poland, Spain, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Albania with the same goal: to use digital tools to raise the awareness of the importance of protecting our Environment and to promote the use of storytelling and short movies as tools for activism.

The objectives of the project were

  • to raise the citizen’s awareness of the current state of the climate changes and the importance of preserving nature, by using digital tools in form of storytelling & short movies;
  • to share experiences from different countries about how they deal with the problems about recycling and pollution;
  • Promote the use of movies as a tool to be active citizens in the society we live in;
  • Sharing different countries cultures and life habits and how each of them deals with the topics pollution and ecology;
  • Promote voluntarism and activism to the young people.

Participant’s testimony

The goal of this project was to raise awareness about air pollution and the protection of the environment. We learned how to use movies as a tool for youth activism and to provide our participants with this tool for their voices to be heard all over Europe.

During the working days of the project, we were working with a team from 6 different countries to create short movies on the topics of environment, pollution, climate change, recycling. Through different kinds of workshops and presentations, we learned how is the situation with the pollution and the environment in all the different countries that participated in the project. Then we started learning how to work with a camera, microphone, lights and how to use editing programs. We had the freedom to choose our own working groups according to the topic of the film that we wanted to shoot, and we had a lot of fun filming and editing the final films. At the end we had a very nice public event where we screened the films and met some locals. We received our youthpass certificates and we said See you soon to each other! It was an amazing project that I would love to repeat again!

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