Culture Bound
October 22, 2017
Seminar “Volunteering for change”
November 28, 2017

Most of the Macedonian group met for the first time in Malmö, and then we traveled together to Copenhagen and Allerød, where we met with the rest of the team and all the other participants in this project. We feel that so far, the project was great, everyone was very active, and group dynamic was excellent. The facilitators did a good job at keeping everyone interested in the activities. During the sessions, we discussed and learned more about Erasmus + and its objectives and opportunities. We learned about the psychology behind various forms of communication, and we watched an interesting movie connected to the topic.
We had a lot of cool sessions about communication and how to get out of the comfort zone, how to do our make short-term and long-term plans, how to manage your time to and how to manage your finance $$$.


There was an exercise on public speaking in which we had to randomly draw a topic and speak on it for 2 minutes unprepared. Also, wrote stories with some frameworks which boosted our creativity. As for the people. we all bonded from the first day and enjoyed both the working activities and the free time to get to know each other better. The second night was fun because we presented our country to the other participants during the intercultural evening. We were able to tell them some very interesting information about Macedonia. They tried some of the traditional food and drinks from our country and we also learned from the other countries as well about their food, culture, and tradition.

Written by SFERA Participants, 13 – 22 NOV Allerød, DENMARK


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