Workshop “Mastering your craft”

Workshop “How to become a great communicator”
November 27, 2018
Exhibition ECHO – Dark Heritage
November 27, 2018

On the 19th of November, our Ukrainian volunteer Oleg organized a workshop on becoming great at your own craft. Whatever the goal is that you have in mind, or the craft you want to master, we always face certain challenges on our way. In the workshop, Oleg provided us with insights and tips for the route of mastering a craft.

In the workshop, multiple facets of mastery have been explained. For instance, the public received some tips on how to learn more effectively, as well as on how to be able to read more books by Oleg’s demonstration of speed reading. Multiple myths regarding mastery where busted, and largely hold expectations about practicing were discussed. All of this was accompanied by quotes of Oleg’s favorite philosophers, psychologists or other sources of inspiration.

After the information-dense workshop, hopefully, all attenders brought home one of the messages of the workshops or a new insight to work on. Thank you to everyone who attended the workshops, and thanks to Oleg to provide us with new insights we can guide our path to mastery with.

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