Workshop “How to become a great communicator”

November 20, 2018
Workshop “Mastering your craft”
November 27, 2018

On the November 22, within the project called “Upgrade Karposh” in SFERA, our volunteer from Ukraine – Oleg Stoic, conducted a workshop on the topic “How to become a great communicator”.

No matter what you are doing in life where you are or plan to be a respected manager, interesting teacher, great public speaker, captivating interlocutor, caring friend or spouse… All of us need to learn how to communicate our ideas, insights, tasks, plans in an understandable and captivating manner. This workshop covered the aforementioned topics as well as what is the essence of communication, how to start a conversation with strangers, the art of small talk, techniques to influence people, how to be an amazing listener, how to talk to anyone anywhere, public speaking, communication with the opposite sex, keeping strong eye contact, how to give people constructive criticism different tonalites of voice and body language signals, open-mindedness in the conversation, how to talk with actions.

They have also explored the most influential books on the topic (i.e. “How to win friends and influence people”, “The 48 laws of power”, “Never eat alone”, among others). There were multiple applications of communication techniques in day-to-day life.

So don’t miss the opportunity to join us for the next SFERA’s workshops…more are coming soon.

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