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September 30, 2021
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A lecture about the Czech Republic took place on 26. 10. 2021 at Vezilka café in Bitola. The lecture was given a volunteer Bretislav Sobek whose mission in Bitola is to enrich digital competencies (Digital competencies 4 all) of the youth.

He organizes free workshops (Canva.com, Adobe L&P and WordPress) which are free of charge and you can register for.

A couple of people gathered at the café to find out what it is like in the Czech Republic and taste Czech candies, beer and dishes which were prepared beforehand.

Interesting facts

The lecturer talked about how history can be taught differently inside and outside of the country. He mentioned the most prominent entrepreneur in the Czechoslovakian history, Tomas Bata, who built factories and town districts in 56 countries by 1938 from the headquarters in Zlin in the Czechoslovakia. One of them was Vukovar in Croatia.

Common history

Saint Cyril and Konstantin arrived at the Great Moravia, the then state, in 9th century to spread orthodox Christianity, Cyrillic script and Old Church Slavonic.

Czechoslovaks fled through Yugoslavia to western countries until 1961 when Yugoslavia-only passport was introduced by the communistic government.

Yugoslavian citizens also went to the Czechoslovakia to work. He mentioned that he met a guy in Ohrid who contributed in building factories for Škoda automobiles.

Tasting of drinks and food

After the lecture tasting of Czech drinks and dishes followed. Two other volunteers, Marit and Dagmar served the food and drinks.

You could try Czech candies, different brands of beer, pork in cream sauce with dumplings, condensed sweeten milk “mačkací mlíko” and of course slivovice. Slivovice is a hard liquor of 50 % alcohol.


Three local men, who had drunk something before, were very interested to hear more about this medicine, as Czechs call it. They were given a short explanation by Breta about: what it is, what it can heal, where to get it and how to drink it properly.

As the guests were gradually leaving, the organizers began cleaning the tables, thanked to the personnel of Vezilka for help and left.

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