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March 4, 2019
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Just try to think, what is EVS?

You will never give the correct answer.

EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer program funded by the European Commission. It enables all young people legally resident in Europe, aged between 18 and 30 years, to carry out an international volunteer service in an organization or in a public body in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America for a period ranging from 1 to 12 months. It covers all costs for accommodation, transport, medical insurance, food, and pocket money. Thanks to the intercultural dimension and its non-formal approach, European Voluntary Service is a unique opportunity to come into contact with cultures different from your own and to acquire new skills and abilities useful for your personal and
professional growth. In 2018, EVS was replaced by the European Solidarity Corps program.

Nevertheless, I would like to tell about my experience in EVS with NGO Sfera Macedonia. This story started in September when I found information for the open call to EVS in North Macedonia 3 participants for 3 months (1 person per month). I sent all the details to my friend, he applied and till 5 hours to deadline my friend call me and say: – Denys, maybe you will also apply and we will go together? I thought about it, because I understood, that I have any projects in Lviv, I have studied, but I said that I will apply if I will come back home in time. I back home till 20 minutes to deadline, I understood that is a crazy idea, but I wrote my short CV and motivation and I sent at the last minutes of the deadline.

For the next day I got a message from Milcho Duli, the president of NGO Sfera Macedonia: – Dear, Thank you for your Information please inform us when we can have an interview in the following days? Regards NGO SFERA Macedonia I was really surprised because I can’t believe that’s is true. I asked my friend about an answer to him, but he answered that he doesn’t get anything. The next day, I had an interview with a leader of the organization. I asked him about my friend, he said: Yes I got his CV and motivation, I will contact him later. Since then I have been checking email every day, but I didn’t get the email from organization, my friend wrote to me, that they invite him to the project for October, I was really so happy for him, and I decided to try my luck to write to them and ask when they will notify me about results. In answer they notify me that they have one place in December, I answered that I need to think, but next my message in the same second was: – I will in December, but I need an invitation for my university from you. I didn’t understand what happens, but I understood one thing, that I made a crazy decision in my life. Next my step was buying tickets and preparing all documents in my University.

November 30, 2018
Day X has come I packed my baggage and gone to the capital of Ukraine. At the evening I had dinner and after gone by new train-express "Kyiv-Boryspil express" from the capital of Ukraine to Boryspil International airport.

4 a.m. December 1, 2018, I made check-in, checked by security and waited till 6:20 for departure but we departed around 7:40 because the weather was not good, it was snowing hard. For my route, I had 3 flights from Kyiv to Vienna to Ljubljana to Skopje. When I arrived in Skopje, all was good, I had passport
control, got my baggage, and people from the customs asked me to go to a special room before they scan my baggage. They asked me to undress because they think that I`m drug delivery, but I explained that I’m going as EVS Volunteer and also I’m Young European Ambassador, they didn’t understand me, checked all documents. The process was around 20 minutes till when they would like to cut my shoes and check if there are any drugs. It was really absurd, I remembered that I have a badge with my name, city, and status from YEAs meeting, I took it and show them. They said sorry and asked me how they can help me? I say thanks, but I don’t need your help. After this situation has gone to the Bitola for a final destination. I’ve arrived in the city, Milcho Duli met me and show my new house for this month. For next day arrived my college Anita from Croatia.

During hole month we made activities in the office and outside in Bitola. It was about a healthy lifestyle, motivation, how to travel with a low budget, movie night with a documentary film about Chornobyl and too many another activity for activization people. At the end of the month, I applied for another project for two months. For New Year I back home, but this way was with surprise because I met the 3rd President of Ukraine – Viktor Yushchenko in Vienna and in 20 days I back to Sfera Macedonia again with 2 girls from Ukraine who are also EVS volunteers with me.

During for two months, guys made any activities, I just supported them with the photography. Also, we had an intercultural evening, where we represented our countries with interesting facts, traditional songs and also with traditional drinks and foods. In general, these two months I worked with projects, in which I also involved.


In general, I feel that this is my second home, the city is so beautiful with amazing mountains and landscapes. I like this city because there is a good atmosphere, friendly and cheerful people. Keep in touch and subscribe to get new blogs at first.


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