Valentine’s Day vs. Saint Trifun’s Day

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February 21, 2018
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February 21, 2018

On the 13th of February took part a discussion about the differences of the Valentine’s Day and Saint Trifun’s Day, organized by Patricia, from SFERA Macedonia, in Radost Kafic. The participants of the event were from Macedonia, Romania, Turkey and Portugal.

In this event the participants discussed what they did in their home countries to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which was called by the participants a result of the globalization and of the consumerist world we live. The participants from Macedonia explained Saint Trifun’s Day, its origin and traditions.

Other holidays were also discussed and the conclusion was that almost all are product of the consumerist world.

The questions asked were: “Which holiday do you celebrate? How do you celebrate?”, “Why do you celebrate these holidays? Have your reasons changed throughout the years?”, “What is the good and what is the bad of modern “Valentine’s Day”?”, “Do you think the consumerist idea of buying presents for a boyfriend/girlfriend has reached Macedonia?”, “How do you see the future of Valentine’s day? (Around the world and in your country).”, “Are there other holidays you can think of that are affected by consumerism?” and “What other holidays do you celebrate that aren’t Macedonian in origin?”.

A discussion that kept all the participants interested and where everyone had the opportunity to participate and share their personal experience and each country’s traditions.


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