Upcycling workshop in School

December 28, 2018
Appreciation night
December 28, 2018

During the last week of December two informative workshop were held by our volunteers in an elementary school called Kole Kaninski. The first one was about making Christmas decorations from toilet paper rolls and during the other one children could craft their own pencil cases from plastic bottles.

Since the school is part ecological and pupils are informed about how to recycle then the process was easy going and not something over the top for them. Everyone was happy to join in and excited to practice their English.

The three R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. These are one of the most important words in our constantly growing world right now, providing proper information and education about how to maintain our planet is one of the key points to a sustainable future. Educating kids on a local level starting from young age is inevitable if we want to see drastic changes made in our communities in the near future, so that our grandkids would still have a planet to live on.

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