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May 17, 2019
The first two weeks in SFERA MACEDONIA…
May 17, 2019

Before I came here, I did not know this amount of people will be interested in the Turkish classes. When I am told I am supposed to organize Turkish classes in Sfera Macedonia, the first thing coming to my mind was that I will have a few students. However, as soon as we posted the survey on Facebook to accept the people, I saw that a good amount of people are really interested in the Turkish language and culture in Bitola.

Now it has been 1 month that am giving Turkish classes here. For my classes, I am sometimes preparing some music and lyrics activities to be able to make my classes more entertaining. I am teaching them how to introduce themselves and then ask them to introduce to each other. By doing so, I am trying to create a connection between people by using the Turkish language. Furthermore, I am trying the use the words existing in Macedonian and Turkish mutually to be able to make the Turkish easier to learn. Sincerely, I am so glad to meet with the nice people of Bitola because I am really having fun when I am teaching my language here.

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