Training course in Veselice, Czech Republic

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November 15, 2019
KA2 Strategic Partnership – „BIC“ – North Macedonia
December 10, 2019
From the 8 – 19th of September, some Macedonian participants were able to attend a wonderful training course in Veselice, Czech Republic. The purpose was to help these youth workers increase their skills in improvisation and quick thinking. Along with experimenting with practical and fun tools and techniques that can be readily used in daily life, creative work and in the other situations and places too.

Improvisation serves to strengthen one’s confidence in himself and in his skills and abilities. It allows participants in training to experience visceral, ‘in the moment’ practice within an overtly reflective and supportive environment. Furthermore, improvisation encourages one to actively seek the unfamiliar, rather than simply learn to cope with it. We were exploring the principles and techniques of various improvisation-based methodologies. From theater improvisation and contact improvisation activities, going into more subtler improvisation with rhythm, music and dance, closing with creative storytelling.

The red line connecting above mentioned activities, was developed around the U theory of Otto Sharmer. It will guide through a process that helps break through past unproductive patterns of behavior. The course had also a strong component based on the sharing of ideas, opinions, experiences and best practices, whereby participants were designing and facilitating their own activities and workshops.

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