The Volunteer’s Survival Manual

Hi there!

If you are reading this, it means that you’re the lucky one to be here, in this peaceful city of North Macedonia.

So… welcome to Bitola!

First of all, we are Portuguese volunteers of SFERA – North Macedonia and we have decided to do this survival kit that aims to help the next generations of volunteers during their stay in Bitola and in the country. Hence, we will talk about Bitola and the locals, where to stay, the cafes, bars and clubs, supermarkets, transportation, sport places and SPA, festivities, and nearby top places to see. We will also give you advice and share our experience and some personal thoughts.

In short, we hope you find this guide useful because we have no doubts that you will survive here, for sure.


Diva Carvalho

Make sure to come discover Bitola. It is a lovely city surrounded by mountains, filled with cafés and restaurants that can provide you with a good time.

Since you are here, take the opportunity to get to know new places around North Macedonia (go to Ohrid, it is the best in my opinion!) or even around the Balkans, to dive in the culture and meet people. Get out of your comfort zone and you will be rewarded.


Enjoy your stay!