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January 8, 2019
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January 22, 2019

Letting a local bakery prepare a huge pie with a coin in the crust, then to eat it with your friends to see who gets the piece with the coin – meaning good luck for the upcoming year. This is only one of the interesting traditions that people here in Bitola, and I’m guessing whole of Macedonia, have.

After the pie was eaten and the winner found, (by the way the coin has gone to the same family three years in a row now!) everyone started to gamble. Lowest bet is 10 denars and it’s just a throw of the dice, pure luck, but very entertaining for the one’s taking part and for those watching.

Besides being a traditional event for locals to see what holds for the new year, it’s also a nice chance to just gather with your friends, see familiar faces and chat about how everyone’s holidays were. It was an intriguing experience to see how a local tradition works and a nice evening in general, spent with our volunteer family.


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