Study Visit Kajmakchalan and Mariovo

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October 31, 2018
Intercultural evening at atelier SOLAK
October 31, 2018

On the 27.10.2018  SFERA Macedonia organized trip to Kajmakcalan peak on Nidze Mountain with jeep and professional guide as well which gave a lot of information about mountain especially on the peak where is memory chapel of the first world war which is known as “The front of Kajmakcalan” between Bulgarian army from one side, French and Serbian army from the other side.

During the front of Kajmakcalan 4600 people from Serbian army were died there which in history is known as one of the fiercest battles in first world war. In the memory chapel there is exposed jar with heart inside of the famous doctor Rice from Switzerland who were healing wounded Serbians in the battle.

Afterwards we visit few villages in Mariovo region which we got information that in the middle century after longtime battles and wars with Byzantium, with medieval Bulgarian King Samoil and King Dushan Kingdom, Mariovo as region it came under many different authorities until the complete fall of Macedonia under Ottoman slavery toward the end of the 14th century.

It is known that in the fifteenth century the whole area was a separate political territorial administrative unit – a Mariovo ham, which directly did not have direct control of the Turkish Pasha, but was a semi-free autonomous unit with an obligation to pay annual taxes on agricultural products and goods.

With this trip we helped the artists to get better inspiration and make something good with their skills and capabilities, which Bitola as second largest city in Macedonia will have other image in Europe with the artistic goods, which they will remain in the city as memory  that one month people from other countries came in Bitola with idea, inspiration, motivation, creativity to make change in the society which will have better impact in the community to look up in dark memories with positive thought.

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