Sreken 8mi Mart!

What is EVS? by Denys Verteletskyi
March 4, 2019
SWAP/Razmena vol.2
March 26, 2019

On Friday, 8th March, SFERA Macedonia made event in the streets of Bitola for the International Women’s Day. You could spot the EVS volunteers giving the paper flowers to the women. For a celebration of the International Women’s Day they made 220 flowers from the colorful napkins as a little gift. The first stop was the Old bazaar and Green market where the volunteers tried to give large number flowers to the ladies who sell the fruit and vegetables. They also visited some stores in the Old Bazaar and gave flowers to the shop assistants. The way continued along from the Town Clock through Shirok Sokak. The distribution of the flowers was full of nice moments and positive emotions, the reactions of the ladies and women were priceless. The little gestures might have big meaning.

The mission was to make two hundred and twenty women smile and we think we made it ?

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