Sirok Sokak Outside The Box

January Art Attack
February 1, 2018
See you later, EVS & SFERA Macedonia! <3
February 4, 2018

Tuesday, January 30th, our EVS volunteers, Claudia and Patricia, organized an awesome community activity on the busiest and most centered street in Bitola, namely Sirok Sokak. More precisely, the two volunteers created two boards with two daring questions: “What would you do if Sirok Sokak would’t exist?” and “What do you want to accomplish in 2018?”.

The idea behind this was to make people think outside the box, have some fun and try out their creativity. Therefore, there were no wrong answers, as the aim of the event was to share thoughts and feelings and put things into perspective, in a casual way. The reactions on the streets were very diverse and the ones who accepted our challenge were happy to answer. While some people would move to Amsterdam or make another one, if Sirok Sokak wouldn’t exist, others want this year to work on themselves and be better people or be in a better shape. Claudia and Patricia decided to do this event because of the cultural shock of seeing the busy street, with so many people strolling up and down the street or enjoying a good coffee, especially around noon, no matter the day of the week.

We want to thank everyone who was curious enough to participate. We had lots of fun organizing it and hope you had too!  See you next time!

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