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International Education Fair
December 16, 2017
Let’s Floorball!
December 16, 2017

The Rehabilitation Center in Bitola needs a helpful and loving hand with money donations for the little angels with disabilities, to make their stay there fun, educative and pleasant.

That is why SFERA has initiated a donation campaign, hoping to raise as many funds as possible and put a smile on their faces.  If you are wondering how you can be part of it, it is very simple: all you have to do is go to any of the four locations where our donation boxes are located, namely Kamarite Caffe Bar, The Bourbon Street Pub, Pizzeria Bure and Vino Bar Bure. You can find the boxes until the 25th of December, including.  Thanks to these donations, on the 5th of January, we will have an event at the Rehabilitation Center where Santa Claus will visit the children and give them presents.

The charity will end on December 25th, with a final event in Kamarite Caffe Bar, starting at 21.00, that will definitely put you in a good mood: awesome stand-up comedy, outstanding magic show, and DJ.

Smile, share and give us a hand!


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