SFERA Sport Program


SFERA Floorball

The organization initiated a newly well-respected sport program “Floorball” in Bitola, a Scandinavian sport activity similar to Hockey. Floorball is a fun and exciting sport, a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper in each team. This sport initially introduces youth to a healthy way to stay physically active. We continuously promote a healthy lifestyle with using this sport as a tool.

We want to thank СОУ ТАКИ ДАСКАЛОSOEU JANE SANDANSKISOU JOSIP BROZ TITO, local High Schools in Bitola, and HANDBALL CLUB PELISTER for having us during their physical education classes. If you want to try this new sport at your school, reach out to us HERE. At this moment, SFERA Floorball Sport is held monthly at different high school around Bitola and other cities.