Santa Claus at the Rehabilitation Center

Give your share to show you care @Kamarite Bar
January 10, 2018
Clean up your mess
January 10, 2018

SFERA Macedonia and the children at the Rehabilitation Center want to express their gratitude and say a big THANK YOU for participating in the charity event, named “Give your share to show you care”, organized at the Kamarite Bar on December 25th where we managed to raise 15 000 MKD.

What did we do with the money? Well it was used to buy toys for the children there and Santa Claus couldn’t have been happier to bring so many gifts. After the purchase, the elves from SFERA wrapped everything nicely and went together with Santa Claus to the Rehabilitation Center on Friday, December 5th where they put everything under the Christmas tree, to the joy of the children.

Once again, thank you to all the elves for contributing!

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