Rural Heroes – Local activity at Porodin

Rural Heroes – Local activity at Germijan and Bach
September 28, 2021
Why beer and honey? – Lecture about the Czech Republic
October 5, 2021

Last day activities

Then the last day had arrived and the team gathered at 9 am to pack the van and leave for the last school visit. This time we visited one of the oldest schools; a small school in Porodin. The children were already waiting for us when we arrived, excited for the coming activities. The SFERA team had several activities prepared so when we had greeted everyone we started quickly. Once again the kids went through a little parkour of activities first. Furthermore, we played musical chairs, a game where everybody has to try to find a chair to sit on once the music stops. The children also got to play tug-of-war and they got to bowl with water bottles. Of course, we also spend some time asking the children about their recommendations that we should give to the municipality. Then they played around a little bit more and they drew and wrote down the names of everyone present on a big paper. Finally, the children got to paint their handprints on the outside wall of the school to cheer up the look of the building. Throughout our presence, the team worked hard to paint the floor inside of the school, as well as the outside door and entryway. We were happy to have been able to give the school a little appearance upgrade and to provide the children with a joyous time.

Cleaning, packing and lunch

When we finished all the activities we tried to clean off all the paint and we packed the van. Then we shared lunch with the team again and we took time to look back upon the last few days through a reflection booklet.

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